The Reindeer Whisperer provides a completely mobile facility for reindeer owners and herders across the UK.

Our services are designed to maintain and improve the health and well-being of reindeer, and support herders in developing their knowledge and confidence in handling these beautiful animals.

The Reindeer Whisperer holds full public liability insurance up to £2,000,000.

We are unable to provide specific medical advice. We however work closely with veterinary surgeons across the country to provide insight and knowledge on reindeer and ensure our advice on issues such as worming, vaccinating and antler removal is current and follows best practice.


Please find a full list of our services below:

Reindeer Whisperer Our Services


We visit clients across the country to carry out regular husbandry on their reindeer, such as foot trimming, worming and antler removal.


We offer practical and experienced event support - from advice on setting up Christmas experiences, to hosting reindeer experience events for clients.


From halter training and loading, to sleigh pulling and procession work, we offer a variety of training services to help prepare reindeer, and their handlers, for events.


We produce, sell and distribute our own specially created reindeer feed, with superior nutrient and vitamin levels, to reindeer owners across the UK.


From made to order head collars and harnesses, to moss, salt licks and reindeer inspired shop merchandise - we stock a range of carefully hand picked products for reindeer owners across the UK.