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After months of discussion, R&D and testing, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of The Reindeer Whisperer exclusive feed ™, designed specifically for reindeer living in the UK.

This dried pellet food, which has been designed in consultation with an experienced reindeer vet, animal feed nutritionist and a small family owned feed mill with years of experience producing high quality animal feeds, is the only feed currently on the market to offer added vitamins and minerals which UK reindeer traditionally lack.

The Reindeer Whisperer’s unique reindeer feed is rich in selenium, an essential daily dietary requirement for reindeer and a main component found in lichen (moss). It is also enriched with a number of other vitamins and minerals reindeer in the UK need and boasts a low protein count, vital for reindeer to be able to process the food effectively.

Our feed has a shelf life of nearly 3 months and for orders of more than half a tonne we can distribute the food direct from the mill as soon as it has been made, ensuring you receive the freshest product and benefit from the maximum amount of life for the feed.

We can deliver our feed throughout the UK and for orders of more than half a tonne, it can be dispatched direct from the mill ensuring your reindeer are getting the freshest product possible. We do not charge any handling or packaging charges for delivery regardless of quantity.

For more information on this exciting new product, to place an order, or get a quote, please go to our feed page or get in touch.