Through our extensive work with reindeer owners, we became aware of concerns regarding the quality of dry feed available in the UK.  Their main issues with pellet- based feed were around weight gain, nutritional value and the limited shelf life before trace minerals would break down and diminish.

We set about researching how to make a high quality feed without disturbing the reindeers delicate rumen and providing more nutrients to aid a more balanced diet.  Working with an experienced reindeer vet, animal feed nutritionist and a small family owned feed mill with years of experience producing high quality animal feeds, we found the answer.

The Reindeer Whisperer’s unique reindeer feed ™ is rich in selenium, an essential daily dietary requirement for reindeer and a main component found in lichen (moss).  Our reindeer feed is also enriched with a number of vitamins and minerals reindeer in the UK need and boasts a low protein count, vital for reindeer to be able to process the food effectively.

The Reindeer Whisperer’s feed ™ has a shelf life of nearly 3 months and, unlike other companies, we distribute our feed direct from the mill* as soon as it has been made, ensuring you receive the freshest product and benefit from the maximum amount of life for the feed.

Working with a professional courier company, we can deliver The Reindeer Whisperer’s feed ™ across the UK within 3 working days.  We don’t charge any packaging or handling fees and your delivery charge is exactly the same rate we pay the courier company – there are no hidden extras.

This means we can bring this superior feed, designed specifically for UK reindeer, to the market place at a comparable, and in some cases lower cost, than other feeds currently available on the market.

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*On orders of half a tonne or more


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